VOIMENT — A combination of two words, “void” and “movement”, an imaginary space where both elements are mutually contained. This movement carries out an introspective expression that exists in the vacuum of pure subjectivity, with which our audience is free to engage with.

The transliteration of VOIMENT in Chinese Mandarin is “吾們”,which is similar in pronunciation to “women”. As women designers, we take the exquisite pleasure in experimenting both with our eyes and hands, by the way of piecing seemingly incongruous colors and fabrics together, from which thousands of playful possibilities and visual combinations are born.

Through the strength of imagination, originality and flexibility, our designs incorporate a variety of asymmetrical shapes, clashing colors and fabrics, color blocks and eco-friendly materials — which we carefully source from all over the world. As young Chinese designers, we hope to reclaim the authenticity and freedom of thought that have been brewing under the surface.



 VOIMENT音译像是中文的”吾們”, 即是我们, 也是Woman(女人)。作为女性设计师, 我们乐于在用眼睛和双手做“设计实验”的过程中,通过将看似矛盾的面料结合在一起,引发不同于寻常审美经验的共鸣,制造出成千上万种更加有趣的可能性。